Why join sphere Smart money

Sphere connects users to experts in a beautiful chat experience. Apply now to start making money from what’s already inside your head!


How much does Sphere cost?
Sphere is currently free for our users.
How much do I get paid?
As an expert, you will be paid on a per-minute basis for every chat you have with a client (rates vary depending on your expertise), including a guaranteed minimum of $10 for each query you successfully answer. You will be paid via PayPal every month for the previous month’s earnings.
How do I answer requests as an expert on Sphere?
As an expert on Sphere, you will receive a notification on mobile and web when someone asks a question relevant to your expertise. You can also view live requests and voluntarily answer these.
How do you verify experts?
We currently use a number of techniques to verify our experts. We have developed both algorithmic and manual solutions to ensure our experts are of a high standard. We also consistently monitor expert ratings.
Why is Sphere different to similar services?
Sphere is the first service to allow users to instantly chat with verified experts. We believe that with this immediate and interactive experience, Sphere is the easiest way to get knowledge. We offer something very different to traditional search or Q/A engines.